Equipment rental.

The standard for equipment rental with or without operators.



A single app for all networks

All your rental companies

at your fingertips

Take advantage of a single digital tool that lets you consult, order and receive rental equipment with or without operators.

You can customise your equipment-rental companies, networks and ecosystem as well as edit your framework agreements. Dispatcher Location is designed for businesses with significant equipment-rental needs.


Rental orders / month


Rental companies listed

2 hours

Average rental-company response time

Why use Location?.

The aim of Dispatcher Location is to streamline communications between users and suppliers of rental equipment, provide the right level of contractual backup, facilitate invoice validation and improve the application of framework agreements. Dispatcher has now become France's go-to solution for equipment rental.

Simplify your processes

Reduce paperwork and make information shared and accessible.

Monitor your contracts

Ensure traceability, provide the right level of contractual backup and streamline communications.

Manage your rentals

Supervise and manage rentals, simplify administrative controls and avoid invoicing discrepancies.

Optimise your purchases

Improve the application of framework agreements. Buy at the right price via consultations in real time.

Our rental process.

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Choose an equipment category and select the desired machine.

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